Written by: Soteria Owusu Afriyie

With BLUETOWN’ S existing innovative partnership with CARE, a new project focusing on the digitization of agricultural services has been launched. The purpose of this project is to promote digital transformation as an enabler for development by piloting digital agricultural services for Ghanaian farmers that will ensure more sustainable and resilient production and improve market linkages. The project combines CARE’s approach to community mobilization and livelihood with BLUETOWN’s rural internet solution and digital content platform, the LOCAL CLOUD, and content materials from companies with expertise in agricultural advisories and digital training material on Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) among other possible digital agricultural services.

Via BLUETOWN’ S LOCAL CLOUD, the project will give small-holder farmers data-free access to digital information such as weather forecasts, learning models for new agricultural methods, knowledge of crops and updated market prices to improve farmers’ agricultural production for greater yields. CARE and local partners will support farmers with access and use of digital information. This collaboration between BLUETOWN and CARE is a way to make use of new digital opportunities for greater efficiency and reach, creating even greater impact in the agricultural sector. The total target expected to be reached at the end of the project is 157,500 potential users of agricultural information services on the LOCAL CLOUD.

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