157,500. This is the number of users that are expected to connect to the local cloud that BLUETOWN and CARE willset up in the next five years as a part of a new Danida Market Development Partnership, financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The partnership aims to give farmers in rural areas of Ghana access to the internet through BLUETOWN’s internet- and local cloud solutions. Via the cloud, the farmers get free access to weather forecasts, market prices, and knowledge of crops among others. This access can provide improved production and greater returns for the farmers.
Mazior Nyayo, a young entrepreneur with the organisation MEST was invited to give a speech at the launch. She has experienced what it is like growing up in an area where internet connectivity does not exist.
“The lack of digital tools is common for rural areas. With BLUETOWN’s local cloud-solution, entrepreneurs like me are engaged to create solutions that will target people in the rural areas and end this gap in access to information,” she said in her speech.

A powerful couple
At the official launch of the partnership held on October 16th, the Danish Ambassador to Ghana, Tove Degnbol, highlighted the strength and potential of the project.
“With BLUETOWN’s technical expertise and CARE’s longstanding experience from working with local communities in the agricultural sector, I am confident that this project over the next five years will help support Ghana on the journey towards harnessing the potential of its agricultural sector,” she said.
At the launch, country director for CARE Ghana, Rose Tchwenko, and Louise Kjaer VP Strategy & Sustainability, BLUETOWN, and Marie Berg project coordinator from BLUETOWN also addressed the audience.
Among the participants were tech entrepreneurs, agro-tech-companies, and representatives from local partnership organisations.
The project will last for five years. The first out of the three project-phases focuses on five pilot communities in the Brong-Ahafo region.

BLUETOWN is a Danish tech company providing sustainable Wi-Fi solutions to rural areas in developing countries. A part of their solution is a local cloud with content that people in rural areas can access at no cost.
CARE is an NGO that operates across the world. They have specialised in mobilisation and capacity building of agricultural communities. CARE Denmark has existed since 1987 and receives its primary funding from the government of Denmark.
Danida Market Development Partnerships promote commercially oriented partnerships that contribute to market development and promote local economic growth and employment in developing countries.

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